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Trip Design is the bespoke trip planning service you’ve been waiting for, served up by Mr Hudson, the online destination for explorers who travel in style. Make the most of your vacation and rid yourself of days of research by having one of Mr Hudson’s expert curators create the perfect trip for you, based on your personal preferences and putting their extensive destination knowledge into play.

“After all, the best way to travel is to feel” wrote Álvaro de Campos, one of the diverse identities of Fernando Pessoa, Portugal’s most famous poet.

The Proudly Portugal project wants to show you the limitless sceneries the country has to offer as a leading LGBTI destination, with meaningful and memorable experiences.

This project aims at the promotion of Portugal as an LGBTI friendly country, showing the value, beauty and power of diversity while reinforcing the importance of local Pride and LGBTI initiatives across Portugal, giving sustenance and permanence to a national movement that will inspire others and make them want to travel.

After all, to travel is to feel.

Proudly Portugal
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